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I love how it’s such a community event and brings out the whole climbing community. I remember going to the first REEL ROCK and just being really stoked to see the films. It’s grown so much since then and now it’s really huge. And the whole production and craft of the films looks so much better now than it did years ago—they’re so good. - Alex Honnold on REEL ROCK

Josh and Brett Lowell were awarded a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Camera Work for a piece on Chris Sharma's first ascent of Es Pontas, in Mallorca, Spain — the world's hardest deep water solo.

“we try to use these climbs as backdrops for a more human narrative, and in that sense there are limitless stories to tell.” - Pete Mortimer

Whether you’re someone heavily invested in your local climbing community or someone looking to learn more about the exciting sport, Reel Rock is for you.

Multiple filmmakers, most notably REEL Rock founders Peter Mortimer and Josh Lowell, documented the drama [Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell breaking the Nose Speed Record] for the big screen.